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Greg Carlson, RAM, NYARM, founder and president of Carlson Realty, Inc., also serves as executive director of the Federation of NewYork Housing Cooperatives & Condominiums and is one of the nation's leading advocates of cooperative and condominium housing.

Who We Are

Carlson Realty, Inc., is a property management consulting firm located in Forest Hills, Queens. With extensive experience and an unparalleled track-record in managing cooperatives and condominiums in the New York area, founder and president Greg Carlson personally assists self-managed buildings and independent management companies with every aspect of running a property.

Cooperative & Condominium Consulting Services

Carlson Realty provides a wide menu of consulting services to the cooperative and condominium community. For co-ops and condos, we will thoroughly review the property and its financials, and offer services in the following areas:

The Back Office. We will make sure all permits, registrations and licenses are in order; see that books and records are maintained in a timely and accurate fashion; ensure that all federal, state and local laws are being adhered to; and assist in any union or employee problems.

Major Capital Improvements. We will assist the board in every phase of a major capital improvement process, from creating a long-term plan to monitoring bids from contractors and vendors to supervising the work. We will also guide the board through the tax abatement and exemption process, ensuring that all the building takes advantage of every tax benefit available.

Management Selection. We will help the board establish criteria for selecting a new property management firm, and recommend management companies that would fit the building's needs.

Building Staff. We will review staff workloads and scheduling to ensure efficiency and maximum productivity.

Other Services. Carlson Realty will also assist cooperatives and condominiums with planning and procedures for:

  • Refinancing
  • Utility Conservation
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Dealing with City Agencies
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Creating Long-Range Financial Plans
  • Any Unique Issue in the Building

Management Firm Consulting Services

Management companies sometimes lose sight of their original goals, and may find they need guidance from an experienced property management consultant. To help firms get on track, Carlson Realty's services include:

Training. We will train property managers in all areas of management, whether managers need a refresher course or basic training. We will also bring managers fully up-to-date on governmental regulations and procedures.

Management Transition. When a firm takes over a property, we will conduct a full assessment and report of the new property's needs. We find all areas that need attention, making sure permits, registrations and licenses are in order; seeing that books and records are kept in a timely and accurate fashion; and ensuring that all federal, state and local laws are being adhered to.

In addition to providing consulting services, Carlson Realty maintains a management portfolio of 450 cooperative units in Queens. Click here for more information on Carlson's premier cooperative, Fairview at Forest Hills.

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